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We understand the importance of nurturing friendly relationships amongst students and therefore encourage the Buddy System at school.

The benefits are twofold, the older children learn to take on responsibility, while the younger children know that they have a fellow student they can confidently turn to for support.

Buddy systems help to promote friendship and support between older and younger peers through regular collaboration between their classes, fostering a sense of whole-school community. They also create friendships that enable both older and younger ‘buddies’ to bond more closely with their school, increasing the likelihood of more positive school behaviour for all students.

Buddies will be encouraged to spend quality time with each other and together organize various activities related to games, art and craft, music and drama..


Strong Academics

Stimulating Environment / Focus on values

Empowering Teachers / Parents / Society

Creating Successful and Happy Global Citizens

   INFORMATION:   Introducing Optional Day Boarding from class I onwards from session 2017-18.

‘Leaders are the role models who inspire followers and motivate them to reach the target of success’ To create the leaders of tomorrow and instill confidence in them, we give our students experiences whereby they can develop these qualities through activities such as student council selections, different type of sports, dance , drama, music etc.

We provide a wide platform of activities for our future artists. Students are given freedom to give their ideas a chance to live through various activities involving drawing, painting, art craft, computer graphics, pottery, puppet making, origami etc.

Shaping little dreams: DPS, Ajmer emphasizes on child-centric, self-directed and learning by doing concept of education for the overall development of the child. Our school focuses on the following aspects of learning which provide a comprehensive framework for a child’s development at the Pre-Primary levels:
• Personal, Social and Emotional development
• Communication language and literacy
• Problem solving, numeracy and reasoning
• Creative Development
• Physical Development

At DPS, Ajmer, we understand that at this level, the children are emerging as junior youth. We emphasize upon helping the students to acquire skills and abilities to answer the challenges of modern world and the process of globalization. It is of pivotal importance for us to cultivate aesthetic sensibilities, and spirit of enquiry, self-expression and independent judgment amongst our students Our focus is to help them achieve the five C’s which will pave the path for them to be successful in facing the challenges of life..
• Confidence
• Compassion
• Creativity
• Curiosity


Tabizi Farm Road
Near Tabizi Railway Crossing
Tabizi, Ajmer
Telephone: 0145-2973002
Email: info@dpsajmer.in.


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